Drawn Small is an ongoing, collaborative project with my wife and children in which we explore place, imagination, and memory through art. Making art functions like a kind of “braille,” in which our family feels, reads, and experiences the natural world and its Creator.
Our subjects are those materials and experiences that shape our daily lives. Folium is a suite of prints made from leaves we collected during a hike. We also made prints from our chickens' feathers, and in the recent series Radix, we dug up our basil plants and made prints from their roots. Drawn Small begins with the conviction that these daily interactions with the world and the act of making form our imaginations and connect us to our home and land.
Drawn Small includes a studio practice in our home, a body of prints and other artwork, a website—www.drawnsmall.com—where the children practice how to write about and display their work, an instagram gallery where we document our process, and an online store where we share our work.
(Some of) The Work
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